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Billboard contest entry Los Angeles, California 14 feet wide, a lot of painted eyeglasses

 Recycled canoe, electronics, pool filters

         Newport Beach Calif hopeful

Folks posing in front of the pink penguin

Hopping in New London at the Grande large format show

Free hugs were given by "Pinky the Penguin" for Breast Cancer Awareness

Imago Show Warren RI - 103 participating artists in the show

            Imago Gallery Warren, RI 

      IFA Recognition Award - 2024

                      "Lonely at the top"

Now located in a new home in Riverton Connecticut...

One of 50 sculptures at the Pop Art Show, New London, Connecticut 

Wordyl BB art 1 in 12,927 sold at the Riverton Art Show, was chased down in the parking lot to sign the back!  Could be the only piece I ever signed.

Now at a new home in Simsbury, Conn.

               Standup Comedy with art as background

                                                1,000 pound mailbox.

"Lollipop Lollipop" entered in Colorado contest.   Back view

           Gutter Ball1

                                                       New Home

                                                      New Home also

 Front Window 

Hygienic Art Gallery, New London, Connecticut 

Salon Des Independants show

     Marion Ma. Art Assoc. 2021 Member show

     Marion Ma. Art Assoc. 2021 Member show

Sold in the last 5 minutes of the show.

Now at a new home, the Anne Maria College in Paxton, Mass.

Ode to the Walking Dead show,  sold to a fellow artist.

                     Submitted to the 5x5x5 show

LED light bar and lime colored acrylic to create the guitar.

Daytime view of the guitar.

Won my 2nd national contest two sculptures now reside in beautiful Redmond Oregon

One is located in a city park

"Balloons Balloons" is located in the park

      "Cherry Bomb" is located downtown.

Trapped Cube

7 Feet by 7 Feet

"Pyramid scheme" downsized to make room for a new sculpture

              Daylight view

         Or night time view

                         Start of 5 ft 9 inch Emperor Penguin

Empty Seesaw, to be continued...

Surfer Girl

                                  Jelly Bean

Claymation Message in a bottle:     Drowning in a bottle of Jack.

Cell phone table in acrylic